National show Velika Gorica

At last we have opportunity to face both our girls in show ring ­čÖé Luna in champion class and Lili in junior class under judge Borislav Moravac. We had very professional help from dear friend Tea. Special thanks Tea!

Show ring Luna
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International show in Vara┼żdin

One of our favourite places to go. As it is clearly shown on our photos we had splendid time with our girls and enjoy good time there.

In the show ring Lili did well as usual still for some reason known only to judge didn’t make further than JBOB..

show ring

Still, we got our satisfaction in JBIS ring ­čśëContinue reading

Specialty for hunting dogs and national show Sne┼żnik (SLO)

A stunning place in the forrest close to old castle and nice organization. Unfortunatelly, showers started and gave us a lot of troubles. Interesting ESS party at one place. BOB ring..:
BOB competition

Entered last, exited first! We got very nice judging list from honourable judge Laslo Erdos: ” Elegante tipisch Hundin, Rasse tipisch kopf, correct winkellengen vorne und hinten, schone obere linie, sehr gute presentation and bewegung.”Continue reading

National show Barje (SLO)

We attended nat. show in Barje with our Lili, still in junior class. Very nice show at open space and we were lucky and had so nice weather. Lili did so well and after junior winner and BOB under judge Jo┼że Markelj, we managed to BIG-2 and JBIS-2. So happy and proud of our little girl!!!

jcac, jbob bob with judge

Lili in show ring

Lili movement