Zagreb international

First entry in open class appears to be in our city. Luna was really lovely and Marijana had hers baptism in fire 🙂
We scored to exc., CAC, CACIB and BOS! So proud of our Luna and her first open class performance!!
Congratulations Žaklin!

377917_10150379251002291_1358960404_n judge Ferelith Somerfield


National show in Samobor

Visited show in Samobor organized at nice open space but soo hot wetter. After a lot of sweating all the effort was paid off!
Luna finished the day with excellent, BOB and BOG2! So excited and happy!!!

BOG2 for our dear SpringerBOG ring for Luna springer


Koprivnica show

We entered in junior class with Luna. Already establish small camp fascillity 🙂

P1030829Luna got excellent, JBOB



International show Varazdin

Beautiful place, open space, nice weather and many dogs and dog lovers. What more to wish for… We did great again, excellent, JBOB. Few photos from there:

Uninterested springer Luna 1_show position Springer Kiss   ESS walk