Specialty for hunting dogs and national show Snežnik (SLO)

A stunning place in the forrest close to old castle and nice organization. Unfortunatelly, showers started and gave us a lot of troubles. Interesting ESS party at one place. BOB ring..:
BOB competition

Entered last, exited first! We got very nice judging list from honourable judge Laslo Erdos: ” Elegante tipisch Hundin, Rasse tipisch kopf, correct winkellengen vorne und hinten, schone obere linie, sehr gute presentation and bewegung.”Lili did great job with my humble add-on and we took JBOB & BOB in good competition of “domestic” dogs.

Followed unexpected BIG title together with first rain drops:)


In BIS ring we gave our best but couldn’t win one of the domestic supporters favourite. We anded BIS2.

Ring run

BIS winners

 More than satisfied, proud and happy!!! 🙂

Lili and castle

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Posted in 2014.