Shows, shows…

A great success for our team in two consecutive shows, national in Vukovar and international in Osijek.

Our dear and lovely princess, Princess I'm Ready To Be Aithusa make all of us thrilled first day at night show in Vukovar, a special town in every Croatian heart by taking BOB, BOG and finally BIS 3!!! So manny thanks to all the judges, Ms. Hanna Ahrens (breed), Mr. Andrzej Kazmierski (group) and Mr. Gunther Ehrenreich (Bis) for giving us so much pride and happiness.

Next day in Osijek at international show our Lili scored BOB, and BOG 2 in strong competition.

Special thanks to all dear friends and long time unseen relatives that supported and helped us in this achievement.

***Love you all***

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Posted in 2015.