Aithusa Kennel is small family kennel based on our love to the dogs and among all other one specific breed: English Springer Spaniel. In our childhood we always kept dogs - some pure breed and some not - there was German Shephard, Scotish Shephard, Retriver, Pekinezers and some other dog pets. During my secondary school I have been keeping two Cocker Spaniels bitches and had few litters with them. At that time we came across with ESS. One good friend of mine give to me puppy bitch Camelia in co-ownership. She was nice bitch imported parents to Croatia: Fondantes Royal Flush and Siegers For Your Eyes Only. Few years of our common life was just enough for us to fell in love with this fantastic and in our country unfairly neglected breed.

Old photoManny years after that time we didn't keep any dogs, moving from city to city, working... Till 2010. One day surfing the web and announcement of, for me, one special litter kept my eye... In Tamaam kennel in Poland expected litter was out of Winterwater Creeks Dancing Queen and Mompesson Striker combination. For me nothing more to search for in dogs world...Booth of parents has strong english lines in their pedigree what I prefer and that attracted me. Exactly as expected, we found there beautiful bitch that I liked the most and we started to make arrangements how to get her here in Croatia.

Could not find words strong enough to express our gratitude to Agnieszka Banaszk Kulka from Tamaam to make some dreams come true...

From that time four years passed and our lovely Luna become great love and joy. Always calm and easygoing yet cheerful and full of energy to play... Real lady in any sense with all the energy that Springer can have. We have so many happy moments together attending dog shows and learn again all the tricks after so many years or having a long walks in nature.

At the moment we have just two bitches in our Kennel, Luna and her daughter Lili.
Our goal in breeding is to keep good track of the breed origins and standard. To breed healthy specimens of the breed in every way. We search for quality in exterior but even more than that for good character of the puppies and working abilities. Having puppies rarely when we are certain in finding the best possible owners for them and and our own ability to provide all the necessary care they need and should be provided.
For any additional information about us and our work with ESS feel free to use our contact form.


Marin, Korina, Adriana, Marijana, Jadranko, Luna & Lili