Fantastic puppies from this promissing combination! We have 3 boys and 6 girls and all of them are so cute!

Linmoor Zimply ZalientKasia i Luna

 Linmoor Zimply Zalient                               Dragons Like It Hot Tamaam



Boy 1
Prince Red Wine At Dionysos Aithusa
Standing boy 1


Boy 2
Pride Of The Other Seaside AithusaFace boy 2

Standing boy 2

Boy 3
Puppet Master AithusaFace boy 3

Standing boy 3

Girl 1
Princess I'm Ready To Be AithusaFace girl 1

Standing girl 1JCHHR, JCHSLO, BOB Puppy x4, J Winner x6, JBOB x6, BOB x4, JBIS2 x2, JBIS3 x1, BIG x1, BIG2 x2, BIS2 x1

Girl 2
Prestigious Diamond Necklace AithusaFace girl 2
Standing girl 2

Girl 3
Pocket Million Dollar Baby Aithusa
Face girl 3
Standing girl 3

Certified assistance dog in blood sugar alarming. Congratulation Sljivi, trener Maja and Sodja family!

Girl 4
Passion Is My Life Aithusa
Face girl 4
Standing girl 4

Girl 5
Perfect Yes I Am Aithusa
Face Girl 5
Standing girl 5

Girl 6
Precious Girl Of Mine Aithusa
Face girl 6
Standing girl 6

Certified hospital therapy dog in Hungary. Congratulations and keep up the good work Mirna and Nora!