Manny people knows English Springer Spaniel as a beautiful, medium sized, well balanced and attractive dog. That characteristic makes that breed attractive to most as a „showing“ dog, both for regular dog show rings or just walking around in neighborhood.

Mostly all of that is true but nevertheless some other facts must be pointed out for all future owners in order to help them to establish good relationship with their dogs and make them good companions and friends.

Breed history

English Springer Spaniels are very old breed deliberately developed as a gun dogs. Spaniel stands for breed origins. Spaniels were most likely traveled with ancient Romans and brought to the Great Britain at that time. Springer directly points to their use as a gun dog – for „springing“ and flushing the game for the hunters. They have good water retriving ability too. Nowadays, there are few different types of the same breed, American type, European „show“ type and hunting type. European hunting type are different in appearance bust also in hunting ability even well trained show type can be very successful gun dog.

Physical and mental characteristics

            The English Springer Spaniel is very intelligent and dynamic breed. For that reason they demand constant activity in order to keep them busy and channel all the energy and „ideas“. That's where their masters should interact and train them in good way. In absence of the proper training and owner presence Springers can develop some unwanted behavior. Future owners must check are they able to spend enough time and effort with them in order to get the most from them in return. Springer will adopt to the most life situation of his master but we want our pet happy, don't we?

ESS's have strong desire to work and please their owner with great stamina and persistency. That makes them suitable for many more activities not only hunting. Springers are often used as military, police or custom's dogs working on tasks such as search and rescue, drugs and mine sniffers. If brought u correctly, Springers have mild and calm temperament what, in combination with powerful nose and willingness to work for his master, gives them even more working possibilities, great and noble such as blood sugar alerter or therapy dog.

Physically, they are 48-51cm tall and around 19-25kg in weight, well balanced and compact style dog. Color can vary, can be liver-white, black-white or liver-white with tan. Color markings are not of importance. One can find any combination that likes the most. Springers ears are one of the trademarks of the breed. Long and wide, well covered with curly hair in combination with lovely head and mild eyes expression makes them so distinctive and desirable. More about physical characteristic in breed standard.

Lili-standing photo

Raising up a puppy

            English Springer Spaniel needs family surroundings since early childhood. Responsible breeder should provide early contact and socialization since puppies show interest in exploring the world. That will lower potential stress after they leave their dog family start living with human one. They love to be in contact with humans and with other animals and must be in contact with them to develop and socialize correctly.

Among that responsible owner should provide good portion of quality food and fresh water regularly. Don't be surprised, they like to eat very much. That is in Springer's nature. If they have a chance, they will eat even a food transport bag...


Responsible breeders will provide all the necessary care during few weeks of life. That includes all the health and veterinary protection and obligatory vaccinations. Puppy buyer should continue that way.


            Manny mentioned facts above should help future owners in creating strong bond with their four legged friend and avoid all the potential issues and problems. Generally, Springers are healthy breed with not so much genetic problems but still, there are some of them that owners must have in mind. Hip dysplasia and eye diseases should be checked as well as regular care and grooming, especially ears must be clean from hair and debris to avoid potential infections that may arise.

Only short part of the story is given here, we strongly suggest all the potential owners to collect all the possible information about the breed from other resources prior to buying. Think over is not waste of time.

We suggest all the potential buyers to choose right breeder with ability and good will to help with advice or information at any time and then wait and find a puppy that is right for them.

We strongly believe ESS can fulfill all your expectations – just let them show all the potential they have